“I’ve never seen my residents so engaged and involved. It brings me to tears every time I see them singing, laughing and telling their stories.”

– Maria, Caregiver for residents in memory care

“After two weeks of Keeley working with our resident, she was singing words to songs in sessions. After a month, she began singing everywhere! We’ve never seen her interact like this before. Our resident has very limited verbal skills and music therapy is proving to be a huge part of her life.”

– Sara, Caregiver for residents with developmental disabilities

“I think it was his first time in the hospital, the instant that Keeley came through the door things started to light up because she is that way. She’s just bright all the time. It made his day to play some drums and strum the guitar. Whenever we would tell him that Keeley is here with music his face would just light up. It was like a light in the middle of the night.”

– Wade and Bascia, Parents of 5 year old

“She’s such a spirit lifter! Making music with Keeley always makes my day brighter.”

– Maydine, Participant